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How to know what type of saddle to buy ?

Next to your recent horse purchase is acquiring the needed equipment for horseback riding right next on the list. It is imperative to choose the right equipment, starting with saddles carefully. Second to the horse, the most expensive equipment that you would have to buy are the saddles. With this knowledge, you would want to take a couple of things into consideration before you buy one.

First, is the material used. Would you want your saddle to be made out of leather or synthetic? Synthetic saddles are lighter and easy to clean, and it is also less expensive though some might still prefer the traditional leather made ones. Leathers can be costly, and not all leathers are made equals, some might be made of poor quality, and this will mean that your saddle will deteriorate faster.

The second thing to consider is the style. The sport usually dictates if the form of the saddle. You would want to consider whether you want an english or western style too.

Third is the fit. This does not only mean it should fit your horse but also the intended rider. Your horse's health and training will be negatively affected if the saddle does not fit correctly. And though it fits the horse perfectly, if it does not match the rider, then comfort and safety will be at stake.

Last but definitely not the least is whether to buy a brand new saddle or a used restored one. As mentioned earlier, saddles are expensive, and the budget should be taken into account. If you would want to keep the expenses low, you may opt for a restored used saddle. Where to get them? You can find used english saddles for sale in local tack shops or even online. Used saddles if restored efficiently by an experienced saddler will mean that you will no longer have to go through the break-in period of the leather, it will already be ready for use right after your purchase.

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