Horse dentistry
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All the best for your horse's health

The riding equipment unfortunately wears out over time, so it is important to change it every 10 years roughly depending on the quality of your saddle or your net of course. It is also important to note that it is necessary to regularly maintain the leathers if your saddle and your net are in leather, because the leather maintains with grease, and it is all the more important to hydrate the leather in winter because being at very low temperatures it can deteriorate very quickly. Maintenance is therefore essential when you have leather horse equipment. But if despite all this your equipment is getting old, and this is completely normal because like any object, equipment wears out over time, so you have to change it. That is why we strongly advise you to buy all the saddles you need online. With the internet necessarily you save a considerable amount of time and you will not even have to travel in some cases because you can receive your entire order directly on your landing. So now it is not new but the internet is full of scams of all kinds, so it is important to know on which website you should order your riding equipment to avoid unpleasant surprises. It is highly recommended to order on the equitrack website, which is an American website which offers you new or used equipment of very good quality and all this at reasonable prices. You will obviously have many brands of saddles offered for purchase as new or as used. You will also be able to buy all the nets you need, but there are also protections for the members of your horses, transport gaiters and many other equipment, all of different brands!

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