Special offer on horses equipment at my office this saturday!

To all horse lovers who want to discover a new relationship between man and horse, who seek pleasure, excellence, truth with their equine partners.
To all those looking for new sensations of teaching through a natural approach.
Who never had the desire and need to know how the horse to have more appropriate aid to stay in the understanding of the horse in order to manage anxiety?

Jenny, equine dentist has a message for you:

You make regular care on the feet of your horse and you do not hesitate to react when you notice an anomaly. It should be the same for the dental treatment although the symptoms are more difficult to encircle. The dental treatment are necessary for the balance, the health and the well-being of the horse whether it is in the meadow or in a box, for a horse of leisure activities or competition.

Jenny offers:

- Equine dentistry: the objectives of equine dentistry are to provide preventive care to horses for comfort and to participate in better overall balance of the horse. Prevent dental diseases and conditions. Make prevention in general. Facilitate chewing of the horse. Better performance and longer life expectancy of the horse.

- Equine behaviourist
- Specific work according to your expectations
- Equitherapy
- Work and Pensions
- Breaking ethologic
- Rider equipement
- Education of the horse
- Difficult Horses
- Sale of riding equipment

Special offer on equipment horses at my office this saturday!

You will find an equestrian equipment to mine for the rider and the horse:

Saddle accessories, belly guard, riding cap with three-points web harness, leather boots, helmet (ASTM/SEI certified equestrian helmet), stable sheet, horse blanket, saddle-pad, day rug, turnout rug waterproof and breathable, travel rug, exercise rug, saddle cover, stud, whip, breeches, spur, frock coat, grooming kit, lasso, polo shirt, saddles...

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