Yes a bad saddle can destroy your horse's teeth !

It is important to choose the saddle of his horse if we do not want the latter had an impact on his body. Choosing a saddle properly is not always easy especially if you do not know how. But still it must be properly adjusted to your mount. In this article you will discover what happens when the fine used saddles is not suitable for your horse.

How to tell if the horse has problems in the body?

To determine these, we must know all the clues. For a sore back, for example, you need to position yourself a few meters of your horse to have an overall view of morphology. Then you must check if the muscles of his buttocks seem tense, if the brachiocephalic muscle extending from the neck to the shoulder and along the underside of the neck is thicker and more developed than the top neck, if your horse's back is bent when it is at rest, it has already been hit by a rider in the face with his head or has a habit of often shake his nose, if he has difficulty walking in quiet if you leave them long reins.

And teeth?

The horses' teeth continue to grow continuously. If the saddle is not well chosen, it can have bad consequences on the latter. There are signs that your horse has dental problems. Either it is very slow when eating because of the wounds in his mouth, or he has a very suspect of being underweight or discover undigested grain in its droppings or see injuries to the inside of his cheeks or on her tongue or he keeps the meatballs pre-chewed feed between his cheeks and his teeth, spitting regularly, he untimely reactions at work while you put your hand on the jaw or there is bleeding abnormal mouth. If your horse is a victim of one of these points, it would be best for you to hire a professional in the field. : last news