Jenny horse dentistry for your horse health !!

Dear riders, owners, instructors, breeders, trainers and others. You like Jenny share the same passion but exercise only trades quite different. To inform you of the importance of dental care for your horses, our site is specially designed for you. Nowadays food quality, care, training, the blacksmith and other continue to evolve. Dental care of your horses, your ponies or donkeys of your therefore should not be overlooked. If you need help or information on this, please have a look at our website.

Why see an equine dentist?

If you think you care already well your horse, know that this is not the case if you do not take him at least once to see a dentist horse. Indeed, many oral diseases are needed throughout their lives. The teeth of horses generally grow to roughly five millimeters per year. A shoot that is offset by natural wear exercising during chewing. If you notice, the upper jaw of the horse is much wider than the bottom. Of sharp enamel points is also called the surdents then form. These may well hurt your pet in the cheeks but also the language in question during chewing and work. It is then necessary to properly maintain dental tables annually by an equine dentist to favor the elimination of these surdents so your horse live in comfort at the mouth.

Apart surdents, there is also the wolf tooth. These are atrophied premolars pushing before the first upper premolar between five months and six years. This is not an anomaly. Only rarely does a tooth that grow only in certain horses and causes painful discomfort in contact with the jaws. It would be wiser to remove it systematically. There is also the dominance and persistent milk teeth which must take care. You must be alerted if your horse has symptoms quite uncommon during labor.