Antares the best saddler for your horse !

The choice of the saddle is important to ensure your safety and that of your horse. To do this, it must first be based on several criteria. First, you need to determine what you want it to do since there are several equestrian disciplines. Although determine what your saddle will then meet your expectations is essential. Your saddle should be perfectly adapted to your horse. Then there is the budget to determine since a saddle can be a purchase more than consistent. You still have to consider the quality of the product. Indeed, it's possible to find stools for less than 100 euros on the market but they do not guarantee their quality. The more your budget is, the more you have the chance to get yourself a custom saddle adapted perfectly to your needs and your mount. For smaller budgets, you have the choice between synthetic saddle or the occasion. The latter is most recommended as it offers a wide variety of choices.

The saddle fits perfectly to your horse when the tourniquet is free, that the seat is in balance, the panels release the spine of your frame and not based on the lumbar without forgetting that the strap and the stirrup leathers must be perpendicular to the ground. The traces of sweat that you will notice after a session will also be symmetrical.

A Antares saddle, the best seat in the history of riding

The antares saddles is the best seat in the history of horse riding. It not only provides comfort to the rider but also takes care of your horse. This is a real exceptional product which is custom-made. Apart from the price that is very affordable, you have at your disposal counselors who could accompany you and aiderp uring your purchase. Whether you want to purchase a saddle obstacle to training for endurance, to cross or pony, there is something for everyone and for every budget. Note Antares also sells used stool. : last news