Why I do recommand antares saddles ?

Antares is one of the best tack of all French horse's history. Installed in Saintes in Charente-Maritime since 2000, workshops Antares continue to make until today the best sports stools equine possible. Based on the sense of competition on the performance in the pursuit of excellence, Antares has combined his research with that of many professionals recognized in the field of health. During its progression, Antares has also received help and advice from several international riders like these two world champions and Olympic riders, regardless of discipline, exercised on both sides of the Atlantic.

Antares has the necessary skills and experience to provide products adapted to the needs of every rider and every frame. His team is composed of technicians, craftsmen saddlers and commercial and works in order to offer the best to all riders from around the world in equipment in riding in ever giving for good and beautiful products.

Antares has contributed to many victories either in the Olympics, World Cups and other. The upholstery then received several trophies.

The Antares saddles

Having a level of unmatched experience, while the upholstery offers the best antares saddles market that perfectly meet the needs of each rider and mount. In recent years, the company has developed three distinct collections of stools whose collection Antares Sellier, the Antares Signature and Altaïr and Spooner collections.

The first collection is made to measure and is very dear to the brand because it built its reputation. The second is the Premium half-measure that is always available without any delay while the latest collections are ready-to-wear.

The Antares products guarantee not only the safety of riders and horses, but they also promote the preservation of the health of the animal. Antares also offers the sale of used saddle for those seeking the best stools at low prices. These have well actually all been checked and repackaged in their workshops before they are offered for sale on their websites. It is then you can get them at any time or to seek advice from their advisors.

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