What a horse should eat before a competition ?

Equidae shall have a regular diet and centered. This is especially true when talking about horses participating in competitions. A specialized diet and adequate will be lavished him. Of course, understand the horse power will easily refine this diet.

The horse power

Above all, it should be noted that the horse is a herbivore. So eat Sward from 50 kg to 100 kg per day according to his physiological needs. Conserved forages will also be part of the menu to find out the hay, wrapped or straw. Of course, concentrated feed will also be at the rendezvous namely seeds, various cereals or prepared foods. Of course, it goes without saying that this will complement supply of water that will be of him available profusely and continuously.

For horse competitors, specialized equipment such as fine used saddles are not the only need. An equally specific diet is will be followed. The example for this is the race that range is adequate nutrition for athletes such as racehorses. This range consists of two foods that mix and we will adapt according to the work objectives.

Digestion and exercise

Knowing the power and the needs in nutrition of the horse is an important thing, but this is not enough competition. You should know that the time of taking rations is also important. This will ensure the same performance of the horse. Important rations just before a big competition necessarily alter the thermoregulations and cardiovascular functions of the horse. The time of taking rations will be as important as the type of feeding. As against the total supply restriction just before a competition will lead to a gastric ulcer for the horse. Only the feed intake 2-3 hours before exercise will not affect the performance or blood sugar. This is valid for moderate exercise. What is really recommended is taking small amounts of feed ration is 1 to 2 kg at a rate of one to three hours before the competition.

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